In earlier posts I have talked about corruption in Wisconsin, Kansas, Missouri, Texas, and Arizona. Here is even a better one Bobby Jindal Governor of Louisiana.

given $11 billion of public money in the form of taxpayer subsidies to multinational corporations
ExxonMobil his received $263 million, Valero and Cleco received $315 million and $180 million, respectively, costing the average resident there $2,500.

Proposed slashing $300 million from state colleges and universities, $673 million Jindal cut from college education since he took office.

Fracking companies have cost Louisiana $1.2 billion in tax dollars thanks to a horizontal drilling exemption he enabled, Duck Dynasty gets $330,000 in taxpayer dollars for every episodes that run, Two Walmart stores built in wealthy Louisiana suburbs sucked up $700,000 in tax dollars, another $10 million in taxpayer handouts to Valero for an expansion that created 43 jobs, increased the amount of handouts in six major corporate tax credit programs by $650 million.

Louisiana’s legislature just had to balance a $1.4 billion revenue shortfall.

Jindal signed off on $1.6 billion in property tax cuts for the oil and gas company Cheniere Energy

Those other state governors pale in comparison to Bobby. Or is this the way to run a state by giving tax payer dollars to profitable corporations and get little job growth in return?