Recently me and my friend have made a bet that we could make a better gaming computer than the other if we had a $1000 budget. This computer is designed for 4k gaming. Over the course of the next few days we have vigorously researched which parts we want in the system and have finally finished our theoretical builds. We want you to pick which computer is better.

EDIT: As this is a challenge we have locked ourselves to $1000 and we are rating these computer at their 4k gaming performance

Jake build: I5 4690k (Water cooled)
MSI 797 Gaming mobo
Crucial 10 gb (1x8gb) + (1x2gb) DDR3 ram
Kingston 120 gb ssd
Hitachi Deskstar 2tb 7200 rpm
Asus gtx 970 Strix
EVGA Supernova 650W 80+Gold
Thermal Take Versa case
(Vote Jake)

"This PC's CPU power won't cause any bottlenecks and will alow the GPU to be used to it's max power. The extra ram will also be useful at 4k and ther is plenty of cooling to overclock"

Hugh Build: AMD FX 8320e (Cooler Master RR-HT2)
MSI 760GM mobo
G-Skill Value Series 8gb DDR3 1333
Hitatchi Ultrastar 1tb 7200RPM
EVGA 980ti ACX 2.0
CoolMax 500W 80+ Certified
2x Kingwin 120mm fans
(Vote Hugh)

"At 4k this build will be great because the GPU should still be used to about 80% before being bottlenecked which is still better than the 970. The extra VRAM will also be useful for games with larger texture packs. The CPU should still be able to overclock to 4.3GHz even on this crappy mobo. This build is only designed for 4k and not any lower resolution as the CPU would bottleneck"

Why Pick Jake (Hugh's Negatives)
*Hugh's motherboard is not good at overclocking
*Not a good enough CPU
*Not enough ram
*Graphics card money could have been spread out better

Why Pick Hugh (Jake's Negatives)
* Graphics card is very limited at 4k
*Lack of fans=more heat
*Not enough dedicated graphics memory
*GPU will be limited (100% usage) before CPU can stretch its legs giving no gaming boost

We will be counting votes in a couple of days
Thank you