Just built my first Small Form Factor rig. Started with the suggestions from the Leaderboard for a Low End PC, but the Gigabyte board (the HTPC one - GA-F2A88XM-D3H) got too many bad reviews on Amazon. Finally went with an ASRock FM2A88M Extreme 4+ which had better reviews. It has WAY more connections and features than I'll ever use!

Looked at the A10-7700k from the Leaderboard, and also the newer A10-7850k. Went with the 7850 because it had over twice as many reviews. Both chips had a good percentage of positive reviews, the 7850 just had a lot more of them.

Note: both of these chips are reported as running HOT!. This one ran at 63 deg C (at idle) until I installed the included "all-in-one" drivers, then it backed down to 53 deg (as reported both in BIOS and with "SpeedFan" after installing Windows 7) Probably the drivers are throttling it back at idle.

A day later the temp is down to 46, so the drivers may have throttled it more, and perhaps turned up the fan speed a bit?

Installed it all in a Sentey SS1-2429 Plus case, which was only $24 US on Amazon, and was very easy to work with, and looks good. It is not a HTPC type case, as the front panel is the shorter of the two dimensions (length vs width), so may or may not look good in your AV rack. For all other users, I can recommend it.

Power supply is Silverstone SST-ST45SF. Unfortunately, it has all the legacy power connectors (floppy drive, IDE) and lots of them, plus the GPU power and PCI power, which I don't plan to use. I would rather have used a modular one, but that would be $20 more. The cables are a tight fit, but I did not install a CD/DVD drive so that helps.

Did go with the recommended G-SKill memory and Crucial 250 Gb SSD, as I have a 1 TB spinning drive that I will add probably tomorrow.

All in all a pleasant project ... no major hang ups.