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    Aug 2015

    Lost Game: Wild Ride

    Hello all,

    I'm looking for a game, but here is the fun bit there isn't anything much about it online, it's called Wild Ride, it was published by Corel CD Home, developed by Artech Studios (aka Atech Digital Entertainment). I know this game existed because I playing the life out of it, it is listed the Antech Wikipedia page ( under the dos label for some reason) and it has some friends called Wild Cards I Found that and have seen wild board games. This game Features The Same Rabbit (Named Jack).

    It's a driving game not a racing, its driving game for windows 95 i think.

    I have been look for it for a year, I have checked 20 to 40 thrift stores or opshops, bugged eBay sellers selling Corel CD Home disk for sale, trawled Amazon and bugged the sellers, contacted 4 retro game shops, posted a gumtree add (gumtree is like Craig's list but for Australia(yeah i am there.))

    If anyone can help me find the game either a physical copy or a iso, or something. But I would be happy just to see someone say "Hey Dude I Totally remember that game it was (insert thought here)"...
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