So just bought a card I couldn't ignore and now want to double my ram. Have 2GB of Geil PC6400 and wondering how forgiving this mobo might be if I mix ram. Don't know the timings. I've done some surfing and see it's better to just buy 4GB but unless I find a used deal from someone worth taking a chance on, I'd like to investigate just buying another 2GB.

From some pcper posts I think if I get same speed, voltage and timing there's a vy good chance it will work perfectly. But I might be able to even buy w/different timings and adjust mem settings in bios. Not that I think I'll need to do that.

Any feedback would be vy appreciated. Also, haven't found where I post my system specs but this is an ancient Phenom II X2 550 black, the GA-785GM-US2H, 2GB of Geil DDR2 800, a GTX 750, XFX TS-650 and various drives (I use a tray/bay and different hard drives per OS).

Thank you,