I am a little frustrated because I wish PCper was more enthusiastic about creating money for its self as a company.
promoting its self.
I just am a fan that thinks that Cper could be doing more.
It sounds bad but I think feedback is a good thing.

Things I wish could see happen to help the website and Podcast.

The Amazon button is to small on your website.
My grandmother was not sure if it was an ad and took awhile to find it.
I also do not see a big button on your podcast to go to Amazon to support PCper.

Their is no T-Shirts.

I think asking the community for help and give them a reason to that you would.

If you need new equipment to make more content, YouTube videos, editors, more writers, etc I think the community will support you on these things.

I do believe that PCper needs to grow more and expand into other areas, like software, modems, other content.
Have four groups of topics or more on a page. like servers, networking, modems, etc.
I believe people that watch your show already love computers and so any subject to do with that they will enjoy watching and learning about.

I know PCper can do better.
I feel it lost its enthusiasm, and fun associated with the job. Complain if you must which can be amusing for readers and viewers. like complaining for the sake of complaining but still love your job.

Sorry for not editing this piece of writing, good morning from a long time supporter of PCper.