I cant seem to find any info on the new Skylake i7 6700k availability. I have money in pocket for a new gaming build, but I'm in no rush. In the past id considered using an i5 processor as I understood it was great for gaming if you don't need the additional hyper threading that the i7 has. I don't mind spending the extra $100 bucks for an i7. Maybe by Thanksgiving There will be some deals and more stock.

First question, whats with the lack of stock? Anyone know when these will be available? for a gaming rig i5 or i7? ( i know this question is beat to death, but i'll still ask).

Second question, I have a connection who can get me good pricing on Intel products. I considered their 750 SSD, or would you stick with their 730? I wouldn't consider the 750 at $1 a gig, but what if it was .50 cents a gig? would you do it?

Here is the general idea. Some parts might change. Any advise here?