Over my years in IT now I have finally grown tiresom of seeing the classic beat the dead horse debates of these

When are people going to realize 1 year its this 2 years later its red 2 years after green again?

Yes ppl sit there and argue it like if it were politicics or Id say even more passionatly?

Face it all side, I think we all know what I prefer but has nothing to do with fanboism or zealot, has to do with 2 things, politics and economics. I explain in 2 sentences

1)Blue practicies typical big monopoly tactics and the location of its headquarters in Oregon if Im not mistaken is more then just disrupting local economy and community. Green steals other companys ideas and even if you had the hardware itself of this other company of course you can still use it with the pretty new green driver but says no even with the old hardware no no to using red. THat my friends is illegal, how their lawyers found a loophole for that is what disgusts me about the legal system and capitalism

2(As for economics its a no brainer, why should I pay over 200 something bucks for something I can get for less then 120 OC the hell out of it and acheive higher performance then probably even that 200 chip oced as well? I think most people know here OCing is not just click click click, its finding the "sweet spot"
And as for video, no argument there, 150 dollar card can run anything scores almost 10k 3dmark 11, nough said, no arguing greeen can do it either, nor do any green priced 150 come close to memory bandwith, may be a few that may I add have to be next generation or two more with some more GPU power. But lets get real.
DO I have to post links or can some people just look at what Ryan or Josh has to say in their review about anything I mentioned.....