Oh god, thank you. A post that has an opinion on something other than me while complaining about things getting taken off course. And so much better than our lil scoot coming in and answering a post I made to Steve apparently to annoying the thin skinned lad, and then scoot getting all upset that I didn't answering his new point in my past posts, as if that makes me miss he didn't answer my past post to him in the present. How funny. Irony I think.

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I never mentioned it, even though I live in Colorado Springs, because the shooter was a kook. A one off if you will. If I had my way he'd be taken out back of the courthouse and shot in the head. No trial as he doesn't deserve one. He was working alone and not part of a greater organization.

The shooting that happened here on Halloween was the same, guy went crazy and killed some people. There have always been and will always be crazy people of which we can't do anything about. Though medicating them with drugs that can give them suicidal thoughts seems like a bad idea to me. Taking guns away from everyone else who have never thought about killing anyone is also not a good idea, but people who make knee jerk decisions on things like guns can never be told that the laws they make to take guns away will never be followed by wackos.:
I see some of what you write , but not all.

Yes, a kook, and let's leave it aside that the right wing, including one of the candidates for president, latched onto an admitted clerical error that he was registered as a woman, and made that into he was transgender, and therefore liberal.

The baby parts comment from him are obviously fed from right wing sources. He bought into the rhetoric. He repeated it. Own it or disown the rhetoric about Planned Parenthood. Personally, I don't who he voted for. Only what ideas this rhetoric feeds. Yet all the GOP candidates got amnesia about the assault on Planned Parenthood, stressing again, mental illness. A pretty vacant analysis.

I see no knee jerk reactions other than the talk of kneejerk reactions. Until the conversation goes into the true need of how to limit, and not the kneejerk reaction that all guns are going to be taken away, I simply don't buy into this stance. Whackos are getting legal guns and compromise the rest of us in having ownership. Unless we want a mass killing a day. No we can't stop it completely and never will. The conversation should be how to limit it, reduce it. Not 1 mass killing a day.

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As far as this latest shooting in California, it was quite obviously terror related as they were working in a group and all shared the "religion of peace" as a common theme. I find it very telling that your side otoc will quickly claim the shootings at PP was obviously the work of "right wing gun nuts" but want to sit around and wait for all the facts when the shooters have Arab names.
What? Liberals are saying these guys were right wing nuts? Not from any source I have read. Did I miss something? The suspicion has been pretty uniform across the board that this might be a terrorist attack. Something I tend to agree with as a possibility. Then again, there was the party and him leaving in anger. Still more to tell. And it shouldn't take long. Pls tell that to dutch. It's only day 2 of an investigation and the perps are pretty riddled with bullet holes and won't be making any statements.