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    Jul 2005
    columbia, mo

    Cpu support questions lga771/ 775?

    Hi I am trying to figure out the max speed I can run an HP A1640N with...?

    ASUS P5BW-LA Motherboard

    It's the HP version but maybe I could force flash the ASUS Spec BIOS to this board?

    I updated bios to v3.17 and it supports 1066 Quad's... I only had a L5320 XEON on hand and it worked but the BIOS ran it at 66MHZ FSB x 7 = 466MHZ?!?

    So I guess it hates the L5320... It says on the INTEL SUPPORT LIST though the Q6600 and Q6700 are supported on the Intel P965.

    So knowing Q6600/Q6700 Came out January/ April 2007 and the L5320 was March 12, 2007... Maybe Intel P965 dislikes low voltage 50 Watt Quad's?

    Maybe an X3220 January 7, 2007?

    Or Maybe the November 14, 2006 --- E5310/ E5320 Spec chips?

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