I just bought a new 4K LG 49" TV (using it as a monitor) and it is wonderful, but need to sell stuff to help pay for it, before the wife shoots me.

Pickup is available in Northwest Indiana (46350)

On to the goodies:

Ergotron LX 28-512-195 Dual Monitor Arm Desk Mount
2ea Asus V238/V238H-P 23" Widescreen 1080P Monitors

I used this setup for a little over a year with no issues, I just needed more real estate.
Asking $325 shipped (The Ergotron is around $295 by itself)

Here are some pics and a website to the specs

Gaming System:
Cooler Master HAF XB Case (with box)
Intel I7-4790K (no overclocking, just a little boost from Asus) with box)
Black Ice Extreme (Thick) 120mm Radiator with Raijintek CPU Cooler (keeps the 4790k very chilly)
Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark 1 Motherboard (with Box and CD)
MSI GTX780 3gb (has after market cooling)(have original box and cooler)
Corsair HG10 Aftermarket cooler
Corsair H100 240mm AIO Cooler (connected to GTX780)
4 x 4gb Adata DDR3 12800 XPG memory
LG Bluray Reader/DVDWriter
Black/white fans 4ea 120mm NZXT (very quiet fans)
Black Corsair fans 2ea 140mm
2ea Crucial M4 512gb SSD's in Raid 0
Windows 10 Installed and Activated, will be reset for new owner
$1100 Plus actual shipping

Rackable SE3016 16 bay SAS/SATA Enclosure (includes all but 1 tray)(If I find the last tray I will include it)
(changed out the 80mm fans with 2ea 120mm quiet blue led fans, also changed the PSU fan to a quiet fan)
Everything else is stock, I was going to modify it more, but decided to go another route.
Comes with AMCC 9690SA-8E PCIE Raid card with battery backup
External SAS cables
$158 shipped for the setup

220mm XSPC Radiator (older but works)
Asking $30 shipped

Cool-IT ECO II 120mm AIO Cooler with Intel and AMD Mounts
$38 shipped

Watercooling fittings:

Koolance 90deg swivel G 1/4 NZL-L10B-BK (10mm - 3/8 ID) (about 10 of these total still sealed in the bags))
Asking $6ea shipped

Koolance Compression Fittings (NZL-V10-16KG-BK) (about 10 of these also)
10mm ID, 16mm OD
Asking $6ea shipped

Swiftech MCP355 Pump (stock top)(used for testing only)
Asking $38 shipped