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    Dec 2015

    Crossfire freezes whole pc

    This problem has been going on for more than a year now i have searched countless sites and forums i have tried a million different things but no solution could be found.
    the problem is that whenever have crossfire enabled and i run a game with crossfire(i am aware that crossfire does not activate in borderless or windowed) it freezes my whole pc and there is nothing to get out of it, everything just freezes cursor, keyboard input, music, browser, windows EVERYTHING no exception all i can do is force shutdown my pc with the power button.
    Ihave no clue what is the problem here are some things i tried:

    I tested every individual stick of memory.

    I swapped the gpu's no difference.

    I tested both gpu's separately the work fine only in crossfire do they give problems.

    I checked the power supply

    I under clocked both cards(i also tested with 100% fan speed they stayed a cool 60 C)

    I under clocked my cpu(and overclocked) no idea how that would affect it maybe drivers ?.

    I did a vram test(all okay no errors)

    I did a normal stress test on both gpu's and my cpu at the same time(ran fine)

    I did opencl benchmark using all gpu's and cpu's(ran fine)

    I switched to multiple different clean installs of windows 8, 8.1,10, and now i have 10 Insider.(no difference)

    I disabled ULPS

    I reset the registry edit i did (scroll further)

    I googled for days (yet no similar problems with solution)

    fx-6300 cpu
    2x sapphire dual x 285 in crossfire
    asrock 970 Extreme r2.0 (latest bios)
    60 gig kingston ssd(windows 10 pro insider)
    2 TB seagate barracuda(for steam and other programs)
    16 GB Crucial ram
    750 watt coolermaster powersupply
    note: i did edit the register so that it would install programs on the D: drive by default instead of the C: drive

    Please help me ;_;

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    Jun 2003

    Re: Crossfire freezes whole pc

    When you say you checked the power supply, does that mean you checked it on anther X-Fire or SLI setup? I am thinking that it's either the mobo or the PSU. If it were me I suppose I would order a different mobo and try that first, then move on to a possible power issue by trying a different power supply. Since each card tested out ok separately it can only be how the mobo is handling X-Fire, or power in my opinion.

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    Aug 2000

    Re: Crossfire freezes whole pc

    I don't think this is PSU - that would nearly always result in games crashing or computer un-commanded reboots. My first guess would be overheating. Have you tried under-clocking the GPUs? Keep them at the same speed though.

    Also, I'm not clear about one thing: does the freeze happen immediately, or at a particular point of a game firing up (for example, as soon as the game proper appears, but not during load screens, selection screens etc), or is it completely random? At a fixed point suggests a software issue. Random suggests hardware - unless there's another prog running i the background which launches randomly, such as a DC project of some kind.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Crossfire freezes whole pc

    Meridian is right, we need to understand the circumstances around the freezing better. When I first read the post, I got the impression that as soon as you activated Xfire, the computer froze. Please give a little more color around this.

    Also, have you tried AMD's new GPU application, Crimson? I wonder if that would help the situation.

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