​I currently have a home Media Center/Server/PC I built as an all in one solution for my business/Our Household needs. ​It is an old Core i7 4790K with 32GB of RAM, 250GB 850 Evo for primary storage, and 3 additional drives for primary storage: 2 Seagate 3TB drives and 1 WD 5TB Drive. The system is running Windows 10.

​I use the system to run many pieces of software for my business (PS CC, Startech Dock for Cloning/Data Backup, numerous utilities). We also use it for our movie library with Plex. At times, we see some slower seek times when opening a movie/show. We have Plex on numerous Amazon FireTV's around the house and PS4 all set with this system as the media server.

​My question is if I would be better suited to move those extra drives into a separate NAS or DAS. If so, which would be better? I want to use the existing drives, and have fast access times. Would a Drobo be faster than a Synology or qNas NAS in this case? I also would like other systems in the house to be able to backup to these drives as well. ​