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    Feb 2016

    i7 broadwell 5775c questions

    HEY GUYS!!!! i just got a 5775c to replace my 4790s. i have an asus z97-a motherboard with the latest bios. its running great so far @ 4.2GHz with 1.35v the edram at 2000mhz and the memory at ddr3-2400 with 1.65v.
    everything here sound okay? is using that not intel approved voltage on the ram a bad idea?

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    May 2015

    Re: i7 broadwell 5775c questions

    depends on the ram and how high u OC it, also how long u plan on staying on it. that said lots of people run similar configs and they last for years.
    looks to me like you shouldnt worry about it too much

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