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    Jun 2001
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    Saturday March 5 10:00 AM ET - Virtual LAN party #12

    Post Event Summary
    Virtual LAN party #12 has concluded.

    It was another very successful event with over 75 unique gamers in Teamspeak throughout the event.
    For most of the event there were 40+ people on Team Speak at any given time.

    I want to thank PC Perspective and AMD for supporting this VLAN with prizes for our giveaways.
    Your support is VERY much appreciated!

    PC Perspective
    • Fractal Design Core 1100 case (winner: Chase)
    • Fractal Design Core 3300 case (winner: JxcelDolghmQ)
    • NZXT H440 Razer Edition case (winner: birdofnight)
    • Supermicro C7X99-OCE Intel motherboard (winner: legendarydualblader)
    • Supermicro C7Z170-SQ Intel motherboard (winner: xRapture)
    • GIGABYTE Z97X-OC Force motherboard (winner: StillFunkyB)
    • Covered the cost of shipping for ALL the event prizes

    • AMD A10-7860K APU (winner: eyeoncomputing)

    Event Supporters - Thanks for all your help!
    • Brandito - for hosting our Teamspeak server (now 128 slots and VPS hosted)
    • Cannonaire, mmettin & Cr1ms0ngh0st - for hosting game servers for the event

    Event Planning

    It's time for the PCPer virtual LAN party #12

    A Brief History of Fragging Frog Events
    The Fragging Frogs have been doing this for a long time and we've been doing it all from right here at PC Perspective. Our first VLAN was in 2010 and our first recorded event, a Fragging Frog UT2004 tournament, was all the way back in April 2003 !! Kudos to all the Fragging Frogs past and present as well as the event participants for making our gaming group a success.

    You can always view a list of past Fragging Frog events (including past VLANs) and other gaming info in our Gaming Sticky Mega Thread. Be sure to check it out.

    This VLAN event will be the same basic format as our August 29, 2015 Virtual LAN party:

    1. I'll keep this first post updated with all important information so COME BACK OFTEN for the latest.

    2. Regarding the games we play it's simple - we play whatever participants have an interest in playing. That includes the currently popular games of course as well as Fragging Frog classics like UT2004 and Killing Floor. Shooters, RPGs and anything else is a possibility.
    YOU decide what gets played.

    *** Post your game suggestions to this thread *** (I will track them in the next post of this thread)

    PLEASE NOTE: There will be NO set start/end times for particular games. All that will be decided in real time over TEAMSPEAK. So you are STRONGLY ENCOURAGED to join TeamSpeak for this event even if you have never joined in the past. Although we attempt to update this thread with the current game being played it doesn't always happen so if you are not on TeamSpeak you may get lost and lose track of what's going on. The TeamSpeak server info is listed further down in this post.

    Please post to this thread if you plan to attend this event. I will maintain a list of players below who plan to attend the event. It is also required to be eligible to win event prizes (see below).

    Event Info

    Start time: Saturday March 5 10:00 AM ET
    End time: Sunday March 6 2:00 AM ET ???

    Teamspeak (ALL players should join)

    Brandito's TeamSpeak 3 Server - click here for connection info

    NOTE: Our Teamspeak server is online 24/7. In addition to VLANs we also use it for daily gaming so feel free to stop by any time you're in the mood to game or even just chat.

    Teamspeak RULES (** IMPORTANT **)
    1. RESPECT and be considerate of others in your channel
    2. Use PTT (Push to Talk) whenever possible
    3. Don't talk over others who are speaking
    4. When you speak try to KEEP IT SHORT (you are sharing the channel with MANY others)
    5. Join a channel in which others are playing the same game (note the name of the channels)
    6. If you need a new channel, create one yourself or ask an ADMIN for help
      (NOTE: Teamspeak Admins always float to the top of each channel)
    7. Admins reserve the right to KICK or BAN you if your behavior is inconsistent with our expectations

    How to Join us in-game
    Some games like Battlefield 4 depend on following players into a server.
    Here are links to threads of Origin/Battlelog and Steam user names for many of our members.
    If you send friend requests to the top few you should be set.
    Feel free to send those friends requests in advance of the VLAN event.

    Quick Start: Send a friends request to me, FFLenny on Origin/Battlelog and fflenny on Steam.

    1. Lenny - Gaming Moderator
    2. mmettin - Gaming Moderator (maybe ?)
    3. zetachi - Gaming Moderator
    4. Brandito - Teamspeak Host/Admin
    5. Activate: AMD (aka THE O-Dog)
    6. Cannonaire
    7. Bubba376
    8. Logun
    9. lone0001
    10. modru2004
    11. kcurrie3472
    12. Also_quiet
    13. molestedbyasus
    14. collie man
    15. Cr1ms0ngh0st
    16. Shambles31 (and Nephew "Egg")
    17. rick0502
    18. knifefish
    19. Kranky
    20. Col_Hogan
    21. _Keo_
    22. BirdofNight
    23. RatzKlaw
    24. Zero3606
    25. warok
    26. RWGTROLL
    27. MAXXHEW
    28. timothyday
    29. EmeraldFlame
    30. vuther316
    31. mutation666
    32. AceMaverickPain
    33. THUMPer0
    34. DreadShot
    35. DashTrash
    36. YTech
    37. Footman
    38. antipax
    39. Positron
    40. ticket24
    41. Maxius
    42. frogmeat69
    43. The_Copi
    44. xRapture
    45. KRDucky
    46. DJ Harrison
    47. Eclypse
    48. ZEROarmy
    49. StillFunkyB
    50. DanWally
    51. johnmatt
    52. xebec
    53. CerbeRuss
    54. LochDhu10yr
    55. nomadskid
    56. jackalopeater
    57. Gammett
    58. Subx0
    59. JxcelDolghmQ
    60. BadSquishy
    61. Chase
    62. IIEggll
    63. legenddualblade
    64. Neroglance
    65. Who else ???

    Games PLAYED (see next post for games suggestions)
    1. Unreal Tournament 2004
    2. Toxikk
    3. Rainbox Six: Siege
    4. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
    5. Rocket League
    6. Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
    7. Team Fortress 2
    8. TitanFall
    9. Battlefield 4
    10. Star Wars Battlefront
    11. Unreal Tournament 4 Alpha
    12. Dino D-Day
    13. Call of Duty: Black Ops 3
    14. Payday
    15. Killing Floor
    16. Chivalry
    17. Verdun
    18. War Thunder
    19. Borderlands
    20. WoW

    *There WILL BE prizes given away at this event but NOT all prizes will be announced in advance but rather during the event.

    NOTE: Some prizes may have been previously reviewed and not new-in-box.

    To be eligible you must meet the following requirements:
    • You must be a registered member at the PCPer forums (register here)
    • You must have a minimum of 5 forum posts prior to the start of VLAN
    • You must post to this thread stating your intention to attend the VLAN event
    • You must meet the eligibility requirements (if any) of the individual sponsors below
    • Your shipping address must be in the Continental United States or Canada
    • Lastly, you must participate in the VLAN event by playing games with us and having fun !!

    If the winner of a prize doesn't qualify that prize will go to the next eligible winner

    Prize Sponsors
    • PC Perspective
    • AMD

    Other Info
    In additional to checking back here for the latest VLAN info you can also follow us on twitter for the latest Fragging Frog info.
    • @PCPerGaming
    • @lennya42
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