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    Mar 2016

    Ultra-Silent FreeNAS Build Log w/ Pictures


    Don't kill me for linking over to the forum at the Tek - I'm just starting to post in this forum.... but I wanted to share this post as it seems to be quite popular over there. Plus, we're all friends right!?!?

    Anyone looking to get into FreeNAS or whatever, you're welcome to message me.

    (also, pfsense....

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    Mar 2003
    Central NJ

    Re: Ultra-Silent FreeNAS Build Log w/ Pictures

    Looks really nice. I used to have my server in a little Lian-Li case that had a ton of drive bays, but ultimately I got sick of having to unscrew about 30 screws from the side panel just to get into the case and then drive access was a mess. How do you like FreeNAS so far? I'm using WHS2011 w/ drivepool + SnapRAID. I just didn't feel comfortable switching to FreeNAS with the way you have to expand it and my historical process to buying new drives (aka buy a couple whenever they're on sale).

    I don't have any pics of my current server, but its a tower w/ 3x 4-in-3 hotswap bays. Pretty quiet, but not exactly pretty or compact. It lives in my closet so I don't really have to worry too much about either aspect tbh

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