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    Oct 2015

    VM Hyper-Visor Decision


    Wanted to get your thoughts on which VM software would be a better fit for me:

    VM Ware Workstation Pro 12.1
    Oracle Virtual Box 5.0.16

    First off, price is not an issue with this.

    The main point is to run MS Window Server 2012/2016 and MS SQL Server. I may want to experiment with technologies like Always On which I would assume would require the two system to be on the same subnet, well maybe not required (I know I will need to step up Active Directory for this). However this is not critical and is more of a bonus.
    The secondary is to run Linux distributions to play around with and get used Linux (mainly been a Windows person and want to start branching out).
    I will also want to run Hortonworks (has VM Images for both VirtualBox and VWMware)

    I will not do any sort of gaming on the VMs these are mainly for learning and development purposes.

    Tools I am using for development is Visual Studio 2015, and is mainly for SSIS so T-SQL, C#, and extending into SSRS/SSAS

    Thanks for the input, and again price is not an issue with this.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: VM Hyper-Visor Decision

    Having used VMware in an institution, we really enjoyed working with it. It's only limitation at the time we had it was that it did not support multiple processors in the VM in environment. We used VMware for all the MS courses and Oracle seemed to work quite well with Linux courses. Towards the end of my time there, it came down to teacher preferences and even the students could make their own choices if they were advanced enough.

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    Oct 2015

    Re: VM Hyper-Visor Decision

    Thanks for the reply. I believe that both support multiple processors and hyperthreading now. I decided to go with VMWare as it, to me feels more polished and something you feel you do not need to tinker with.
    I still think Virtual Box is a great tool and if money was something to consider this would be even harder

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