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    May 2015

    Really weird issues with HDD's disappearing

    So my corsair cx750m pretty much went bad two days ago, I noticed it was loud and pumping a lot of hot air out the back. So I shut down, went straight to Microcenters and picked up an EVGA 850G2.
    Hooked it all up system booted up and played games no problem, only thing is I didn't notice at first that my two 3.5" HDD drives weren't showing up.
    I am using a corsair 800D case so I have the hotswap bays in the front that all plug into a backplane that feeds power and sata cables to them. So I removed all the hard drives including my SSD that my OS was on and plugged them in one at a time.
    Again my DVD drive shows up, windows boots up just fine from the SSD, but my 2 HDD drives don't show up.
    I tried using my 3 in 1 drive adapter to usb to see if I could get them to read and again nothing.
    I didn't check before I went and bought the new PSU to see if the HDD's were still there when I shut down. Thinking that the bad PSU could have damaged the HDD's.
    Thing is the SSD and the two HDD's were getting power from the same sata power cable from the old PSU along with the DVD drive. Just seems weird that the same cable would blow 2 HDD's and not the SSD or DVD burner.

    no matter which configuration of sata cables and ports on the MOBO I use, it always picks up the SSD and DVD burner. Wondering how it could be possible?

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: Really weird issues with HDD's disappearing

    What exactly does the bios show as far as detected hard drives ?

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    May 2015

    Re: Really weird issues with HDD's disappearing

    well I guess this thread can be closed.

    So still don't know what happened to the 2 hard drives that failed, currently trying to find a PCB from seagate that will let me extract all of my photography stuff off of one of the drives (the only thing i'm really bummed about losing is all the raw images i shot).

    So I just bit the bullet and went to Microcenters and bought a 500gb samsung 850evo and a WD black 2 tb HDD. Wanted to test some stuff out and I'm lucky I live only 5 mins away from a microcenter.

    I ended up spending an extra 30 mins messing around because I couldn't get the HDD to come up in the bios and turns out it was bad out of the box....... What kind of demon luck is this for me today.

    I exchanged the HDD and now I have a working system again.

    Still have no idea how either the old or the new PSU blew out two HDD's and not the SSD or DVD burner on the SAME sata power line. Not only that but the SSD and the two HDD's were daisy chained on a backplane. I have scoured the interwebs and haven't found a single person that has had the same issue as me. Oh well, I'm just glad that the MoBo that I won from the FraggingFrogs VLAN and huge thanks to PCper, wasn't fried.

    I will post later if I find a fix for the HDD and can extract the data off of it without the use of data recovery which is at the cheapest $450 per drive......

    oh and Matt the bios wouldn't detect the HDD's at all, took them both to microcenters and they tried 3 separate drive cages on 2 different machines and couldn't get the drives to even spin. So that's why I'm "guessing" it has to be the PCB that got fried some how. No way 2 perfectly good HDD's just bail out at the same time.
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    Jan 2014

    Re: Really weird issues with HDD's disappearing

    Maybe buy a lottery ticket with those odds.
    Maybe you got two parts from the same batch with a tolerance of change so low that they fried when the PSU did? (mostly a geuss, either way, the ratio of unicorn farts too magic dwarves was obviously incorrect)

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