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    Mar 2016

    Laptop with both SSD and HD

    I would like to buy a laptop with both a SSD and a rotating hard drive. I want the laptop to be made by a major manufacturer. If I need to, I will replace an optical drive to install a rotating hard drive. Any recommendations?

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    Dec 2003
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    Re: Laptop with both SSD and HD

    Dell has a few. I just bought an Inspiron i7559-2512. Has an i7-6700hq cpu, came with a 1Tb hard drive but had an open M.2 slot so I bought a 256Gb Samsung 850 EVO M.2 and made it the boot drive. Found the 1Tb drive to be slow and created heat so I replaced it with a 500Gb SSD.


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    Aug 2016

    Re: Laptop with both SSD and HD

    There are different configs you can choose from but of course, the higher SSD you get the more expensive the laptop is. Also note its a big heavy but desktop replacements usually tend to be like that. I don't know any light laptops with space for a HDD and SSD.

    You can also get a laptop like this and put in a mSATA SSD yourself:

    Its lighter and a bit more powerful than the HP one. You will have to purchase a mSATA 256GB SSD separately but it should cost around $100 which is around the end part of your budget. Also both of these laptops are fantastic for video editing because they have i7 processors.

    I'm sure others have better recommendations

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    May 2016

    Re: Laptop with both SSD and HD

    I bought a 15" gaming laptop with an m.2 SSD and two HDDs (one in the ODD bay) a couple years back from and it still runs like new. I've been quite pleased with it, and it was fairly good deal at the time too. IIRC, aside from the ultra-thins pretty much all their laptops have an option for a 2nd or 3rd drive.

    Funny thing is, a ton of laptops come with a SATA drive and empty msata/m.2 slot or vice versa where you could easily add the second drive, but they almost never mention the available port in the specs at the store page. Sometimes it's not even mentioned outside the product manual (or anywhere at all).

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