Hey guys so I have the problem where I have a hard time choosing computer hardware when products are so damn similar to each other. Therefore Im going to let you guys make the decision for me.

My current Laptop is a Lenovo Essentials G570-4334EUU

I have had it since late 2011 I think. It is somewhere around 4-5 years old. I recently put 8GB of DDR3 1600mhz RAM in it and tried to upgrade the wireless module. The wireless upgrade failed.

I have been working 72 hour work weeks lately and am coming into some cash. So, I would like to replace my laptop.

I have it dual booted with Linux and Windows. It would be nice to game on it but nothing super hard core well at least multiplayer wise since i dont have good internet where I use my laptop. I like to do Blender modelling and video editing and audio editing/mastering. I enjoy reading ebooks. I like RTS games, FPS games and so on. I am looking to spend somewhere up to $600-700 max. I am personally not a fan of Dell as I have worked for Dell in the past and the QA scares me. But if the model has a very good rating, I am willing to go with it.

I need it to be Quad core, 8GB of RAM, wireless AC + BT4.0. Matte screen. DVDRW is not required. USB 3.0/ESATA/type-C.
prefer full QWERTY + numpad but can live without numpad.
Looking to have it last another 4 years or so. Not a fan of the round power plugs as they easily break.
would be nice to have a physical network on/off switch. I am fine with MSI, Sony, Lenovo (hit or miss on Linux compat), gigabyte, ASUS, AORUS, SAMSUNG, etc. Not happy with Dell or HP or ACER from personal experience. But if the model has really good ratings, ill be fine.

SSD would be nice but not required.
Dedicated graphics would be nice
If Integrated, the best damn integrated chip out there.
Linux is very important to me so it needs to be Linux compat.

An alternative I have considered is a Tablet 2-in-1 setup like the ASUS Transformer tablet or the Bq Aquaris M10 Tablet but they would still need to support some beefy graphics. and be peppy.