Needed to convert our HTPC to a smaller case to fit into new corner entertainment unit. Old case was an Antec Fusion Remote (the size of a big stereo receiver). New case is a Thermaltake Core V1. Reusing A10-5700 APU, memory, ssd and GTX750Ti. Got a MSI A68HI AC mini ITX mobo to use. As this HTPC also can get used for some gaming when the grandkids come over I wanted a good cooling solution.

Had just seen a couple articles on the H5 SF and decided to give it a try. Install is fairly easy, no problems at all.

Observations- it is not super quiet but not overly loud. Under heavy gaming I could see it getting real loud but for our use (it sits 8 ft away from where we sit) the 5.1 sound system will be drowning it out anyway.
Really should come with a power connector splitter. With a case fan, the H5 SF fan and the pump power and the fact most mini-ITX mobo's only have 2 fan connections, I was fortunate I had a 3-pin to molex adapter to hook up the pump powr with that.
Corsair should really include different height standoffs for the fan/radiator unit (has a L bracket that mounts around back and 1 side of mobo, 3 standoffs about 1-1/2" are what it fastens to). I ended up getting some 1" nylon spacers and by using longer screws (6-32 x 1-1/4") was able to raise the height another inch. This allowed the cooling tubes to not be so tightly curved. In it's normal mounting I had easily 3-4 inches of open space above the top of the fan/radiator unit. Raising it up lessens the bend of the cooling tubes and allows (for my V1 case with a big fan in the front) better air flow across the motherboard.

Overall works fine (A10 idles at 31c), wife was watching videos streamed from our NAS all afternoon and I didn't notice any increase in the noise level. Forgot to take pics as I was building it.