I would like to build an intel & nvidia based desktop for statistical analysis for the Linux (Ubuntu) environment and I need advice on parts: cpu, memory, ssd, motherboard, graphics cards, power supply, case, fans, etc. It should have the following specs/capabilities:

1. Around 100 GB of fast RAM
2. Options for GPU computing
3. 1TB Fast SSD for dynamic data transfer to/from in memory algorithms I have looked at Samsung MZ-V5P512BW 950 Pro NVMe 512GB
4. Intel Core i7 6700K? Perhaps suggestions for 8 core 16 hyper-threads Intel chip within budget?

I have also looked at the Z170A GAMING M5 motherboard. Total budget around 1500-2000 USD. I haven't built a computer from the ground up before but I have upgraded graphics cards, ram, and power supplies. Advice pointing to example builds also welcome.