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    May 2015

    My first Custom Water Loop

    After an AIO failure I finally decided to start getting supplies and plans together for a custom loop. After seeing countless builds I knew I wanted to do hard tubing and started my research (mostly bugging O-Dog). And thanks to O-Dog I have finally finished my first custom loop...... but it is soft tubing. Definitely messed up and ordered all soft tubing compression fittings. hah
    Oh well, So I figured it would be a good practice run to build it with soft tubing, get an idea of the bends and tubing length I will need, and more practice with flushing/filling/draining the loop.

    I drew out multiple setups, took pictures of my case, scaled them in photoshop, and then added the scale size parts into it. Surprisingly it actually worked for the most part. I did run into one issue that I can't really stand but you will see that in the photos below.

    Tell me what you think and any constructive advise is greatly appreciated! Thanks guys.

    Here are a couple of before pictures, the temp setup I had after my AIO loop leaked.
    Not the greatest cable management either.

    So after removing all the cables, fans, and 5.25" dvd burner every thing looks a little cleaner.

    Then I removed the CoolerMaster Hyper 212 evo and drilled the holes for the EK pump/res combo. Glad I took the extra time to make sure the lines were level so I only had to drill once. Nice to get it right the first time. I did mess up here in the plans, I wanted to mount a 140MM fan under the bottom tray where there is a spot for one, but.... with the pump in place it would take a lot of time and effort to get more than 2 screws into the fan. Didn't bother with it for the time being.

    Here is where I mounted the 360 Rad up top, I spent a lot of time trying to figure out how I wanted to do this (fans on top, fans on bottom, push air, pull air, etc...). After pondering this I basically stopped because I only really had the proper screws to do it one way anyway. So the fans are below the rad and pushing hot air out the top.

    Next was installing the XSPC Raystorm CPU block. Very simple install and looks great. I didn't put the LED's in until the very end before leak testing.

    Now its time to measure, cut, and install the soft tubing. I found this to be pretty straight forward and really easy compared to what I imagine the hard tubing replacement will be in a couple weeks. The second picture shows my biggest problem, with the hard tubing plan I measured out I wouldn't need so much extra tubing in the bottom bay. But since the soft tubing was kinking so easy I had to add a bunch of extra tubing to prevent it from kinking off of the Y valve heading back up to the CPU. Not a huge deal but now it makes it a pain in the ass to drain the system since my actual drain isn't the lowest part.

    Close up of the drain system

    Finally fired it up for leak testing. It was about 3:30am at this point and I was ready to let this thing sit with the sys prep in it for the night and check in the morning.

    Well, everything tested out great. Drained the system, filled it, and went with a UV blue dye for now.
    Here is the before and after.

    Still haven't decided on a lightning preference yet. Here is a link to some pictures I took of the lightning effects.

    Currently just running a white LED light to see the coloring of the liquid and just the LED's off the CPU block.
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