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    May 2016

    Long time listener, 1st time caller- Non-VR, Fast FPS MIN/MAX ~$1200 build advice


    My brother introduced me to the HWLB back in 2005, and it has been my go-to resource when building a new rig, MANY THANKS!!! I also enjoyed the latest POD cast with the GTX 1080/1070 discussion, very informative.

    The HWLB makes a lot of reference to VR, however, I am not current-tech savvy and don't want to overkill with features I am never going to use (like VR/3D/SLI/crossfire etc). The Computer's purpose is solely to play games(BF4, CS, LOL, WOW), nothing else. Graphics are set up for MAX-FPS/only setting which give an advantage are turned higher/no fluff on all.

    Current setup: I7-2700K, EVGA GTX 680SC, 120hz monitor, 8gb DDR3, X69 chip set. Lightly overclocked (built in 2012, still works great ty HWLB).

    Build basic thoughts: I5-6500, EVGA GTX 1070 (when avail), 16GB DDR4, 600W PSU, 500GB 850EVO, z170 chipset on an unknown MOBO.

    1- Would this be a significant upgrade in comparison to previous/how do you think it would work for BF4 in comparison?
    2- Is the I7-6700K worth the extra coin for just the games listed above use?
    3- I am going to upgrade to a 144hz monitor, with minimalist graphics settings would the rig reach 144 easily?

    Any other equipment suggestions to meet the goals?

    THANK YOU!!!

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    Jun 2012

    Re: Long time listener, 1st time caller- Non-VR, Fast FPS MIN/MAX ~$1200 build advic

    Welcome to the forums!

    To address your questions:

    1. I think you'll notice a difference. Using, I couldn't do an exact comparison (they don't have benchmarks for the two CPUs you listed) but I compared the two closest CPUs (2600 vs. 6600). The gap won't be quite as wide, and you said the 2700k is lightly overclocked, so that will also eat into the performance gap. In all, I think there will be some performance gains but not that much. in BF4, I would think any improvement would be minimal - any gains you would see would probably come from the mobo and the newer technology it supports (PCIe 3.0, for example).

    2. the 6700k is clocked 800 MHz faster than the 6500, plus you can OC. I don't recall if BF4 is a CPU dependent game or not: if it is, you will see a few more FPS with the 6700K; if not, there might be a frame or two more. Either way, I think you're talking a handful of frames. For me, it's not worth the money. Also, most games don't benefit from the Hyperthreading the i7s offer.

    3. When you say minimalist, I'm guessing you mean low graphics settings. Based on these benchmarks, I would say you will be able to get crazy FPS even with middle/high settings.

    My only other comment is regarding your SSD. Check first, but I think the 850 EVO is SATA/ACHI based and not NVMe. The z170 boards should support M.2 NVMe which is the newer (read faster) SSD technology. No need to get a fancy new computer only to limit the SSD with older/slower technology.

    Hope this helps.

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    May 2016

    Re: Long time listener, 1st time caller- Non-VR, Fast FPS MIN/MAX ~$1200 build advic


    Wow thank you! I did not consider NVMe's, I have to do my homework now. The links were very helpful and I appreciate the honest feedback!

    Many thanks!

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    Aug 2016
    Melbourne, Oz

    Re: Long time listener, 1st time caller- Non-VR, Fast FPS MIN/MAX ~$1200 build advic

    CPUs -,4312.html - there's not much difference between an i7 2700K and an i5 6500K. If anything, the i7 would be better.

    GPUs -,4388.html - a 1070 is a good upgrade to a 680.

    I'm happy with my 850EVO.

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