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    Jun 2016

    Problem with Podcast showing in IE11

    Hi all

    I Just upgraded to Win10 from Win7 and everything seems fine, but I just noticed on this site in IE11 when I go to PC live podcast page, the podcast doesn't show up, all I see is the chat box.
    Also no link to twit ,now I can see the vids in podcast page.
    So this is weird, MS Edge browser (which I don't like) displays fine and I use Palemoon (based on Firefox) as default browser and that works fine.

    So its not really a issue for but I like to figure what it is anyway.

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    Aug 2016

    Re: Problem with Podcast showing in IE11

    May be Internet Explorer is not supporting the javascript of the page. I watch the podcast on Comodo Ice Dragon browser and it displays fine.

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