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    question on MS win 7 policy

    Hello !
    I have a question , a while back I bought a lappy with windows 8 on it hated that so I bought a copy of windows 7 64 but home premium . worked great and that was over 2 years ago . Now I have this laptop I do not need or want , and cant even sell in the for sale forum here on pc per .
    So here is the big question , would Microsoft get their nickers in a bunch over Me wiping the laptop , and installing the OS on a new system I am planing on building very soon ?
    I tryed going to the MS store , chatted with a sales guy but he wanted to sell me windows 10 which I can not stand , said he could not sell me a copy of winows 7 . I searched amazon but a lot of reviewers say their getting pirated copys or I would just buy one .
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    Re: question on MS win 7 policy

    If you bought a win7 licence (non oem) then you can legally transfer it to another device, as long as it is only installed on one computer at a time.

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    Re: question on MS win 7 policy

    Microsoft disables your Win7 license after 30 days of installing Win 10. At this point you can only get the retail/OEM version of Win7. I got a pirated copy online and it just couldn't be downloaded. Every time while I was downloading, it used to stop at a different point.

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