I am selling my 2 XFX 290X's with EK 290X blocks + backplates installed. Cards have been in my system for ~2 years and have been watercooled since day 1, with temps below ~60C at pretty much all times. Just gaming, no mining or anything. The cards have been flawless, it was just time to move on.

Cards will come with blocks and backplates installed plus the original packaging for cards and blocks and original coolers in the box. Taking the XFX coolers apart was a big PITA and I don't want to do it in reverse, so I will not be parting out the blocks and cards unless I am forced to. Blocks have been well flushed with distilled water and drained to remove any residual dyes. Acrylic dual-parallel block shown below is NOT included in the sale, the standard terminal blocks will be replaced on the cards.

$250/card shipped. $440 for both and I might have an EK Acetal Dual-serial 3 slot block to throw in if desired (different than the one in the pics)


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