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    Apr 2012

    Best Processor for a Proxmox VE Build

    Hello AMD vs Intel here let me know what you would use in a Proxmox build. Want to run 4 VM easy at one time if I have the need too. How much ram would be over kill. [ Proxmox = free VM Workstation ]

    P.S I been a AMD guy for years. Intel prices scare me but, what should I get if I go I go Big....

    Any info will help.
    Amd = More cores
    Intel = about 4 before cost get huge..
    * Must support VM Tech

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    Aug 2016
    Melbourne, Oz

    Re: Best Processor for a Proxmox VE Build

    Proxmox - System Requirements -

    Recommended Hardware

    CPU: 64bit (Intel EMT64 or AMD64)
    Intel VT/AMD-V capable CPU/Mainboard (for KVM Full Virtualization support)
    8 GB RAM is good, more is better (grab as much as possible)
    Hardware RAID with batteries protected write cache (BBU) or flash protection
    Fast hard drives, best results with 15k rpm SAS, Raid10
    Two or more Gbit NIC (for bonding), additional NICīs depending on the preferred storage technology and cluster setup

    What exactly you get depends on your budget and where you want to get it from.

    You can get more info on the Proxmox forums -

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