Hi All, i have since moved what was my secondary machine to my much cooler basement to hang out with my former main rig but still my eyefinity setup and do nothing but fold. thing is when folding it powers off after awhile (unsure as to how long). it always starts back up and has never shut down during gaming or anything but it does get pretty hot to the touch near the power supply.

Its a Cooler Master Sileo 500 case, with AMD FX 8350 under a 212 EVO, 10gb RAM (i know, silly), a few drives, R9-270X and EVGA 850 watt power supply. the thing ran supper quiet (was ideal as it was in my bedroom) but warmer then i would have liked. so i added a 120mm fan in the front 5.25 bays but it still stayed warm and shut down while folding.

so i have the front drive bay fans sucking air in, through the 212 and out the back fan in almost a straight line but the power supply intake fan doesn't seam to get any of the air while the bottom front fan brings air in across the drives and out the video card as seen here:

was thinking flipping the power supply upside down and using a 102mm hole saw on the top of the case but just by bring it in my basement where its a good 10 to 20 degrees cooler may have just solved the problems.

any ideas that wont cost anything?