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    Aug 2016

    External hard drive keeps disconnecting

    Hi all, I've had an external hard drive for some months (about 6-7 now) all was fine until recently.
    I am on Windows 10, the drive is a WD Elements.
    Even in USB3 or 2 port it will end up disconnecting.
    I am uncertain as to why but it just keeps doing this, now it didn't do it when I only had it as my main drive but I added a new one some months ago which seemed to take the drive letter of that one (it was D: then turned to E: - don't know if this makes a difference?)
    Anyhow, I have tried all of the uninstalling drivers, changing drivers etc. but it will just keep dropping out and won't re-add itself properly until I unplug it from the power and then reboot and plug back in.
    I have checked the drive with 3-4 different drive checking programs and it passes them all fine so it is not the drive itself.
    So wondering what to do, far from reformatting and putting Windows 7 on I am a little stuck.

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    Aug 2016

    Re: External hard drive keeps disconnecting

    I recently discovered this problem too.
    What is happening is that usb3.0 has some power saving mode that lets the hard drive power down.
    Here is the fix.
    control panel/power options/change plan settings/change advanced power settings/USB settings /USB selective suspend setting
    The set the plugged in option to disabled.

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