My old 980x CPU is starting to show its age and I'd like to overclock at this point to something very stable over the long term. Ive overclocked before to 3.8ghz but I'd like to go s little higher now if possible. I've read people hitting 4.3-4.5ghz but I'm doubtful if that's going to be stable over the long term. I'd be happy hitting 4-4.2ghz.

CPU: Intel Core i7 Extreme 980x 3.33ghz
GPU: Gigabyte GTX 670 2048MB DDR5
Motherboard: Asus P6T SE
Memory: Corsair Vengeance 12GB DDR3 1600 MHz
SSD: Samsung 256GB 840 Pro
Audio: Asus Xonar DX PCIE 7.1

Wondering if anyone could post their bios settings for the P6T motherboard or another Asus as they are usually closely related please?