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    Dec 2001
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    changes in speed

    I have D-Link DIR-825 (router).

    When I had ATT for years, I used their rental modem/WiFi. It worked great, but, price has been going up. So, I switch to TWC. This time, I am using my own modem, Motorola SURFboard SB5101, which is DOCSIS 2.0.

    BOTH ATT and TWC provide same speed (DL 17.* Mbps and UL 1.1* Mbps).

    I used VP (videophone, devices that we Deaf community use to communicate through internet video). Now, with TWC, while I can see the other end clear, but the other end can't see me clear (video chop, fuzzy, freeze, etc). I am guessing it's my UL (UpLoad) speed.

    Just a few questions...

    Does this has to do with DOCSIS 2.0? (TWC Support says it's the problem)

    If I go ahead and buy a new modem (DOCSIS 3.0), should I get the WiFi buildin, or get just modem (and use my router)?

    Is there significant difference in speed/connections with one piece (modem with WiFi buildin) or two piece (modem and router)?

    With DOCSIS 3.0, there are several models, like 8x4 or 24x8 channels. Does those matter for home network? Even right now, I have one VP and one PC, along with several wireless (smartphones, laptops, etc).

    Also, does DOCSIS have to do with modem with buildin WiFi together or will DOCSIS still work with a separate router?

    Thats all for now...

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    Oct 2009

    Re: changes in speed

    Or should you wait for DOCSIS 3.1?
    In a similar position.

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