Hello. When i left Rise of Tomb Raider running , just standing Lara in one place without touching anything ( mouse or keyboard ) i am getting weird random fps drops.
I check gpuz during spike : clock drop from 1975mhz to 1264mhz in this moment. And in this moment gpuz shows UTIL ( not VREL ). Also power consumption drop.
Is this game or card issue?

Screen i added arrows in this spike moment:



Its not idling in background ( minimized ). I just am in game but not touching keyboard or mouse. Just standing with main character in each place.
It happen when i am doing nothing in game. Just standing in the same place by main character.

It spike every 30-40 minutes.
Its software or hardware related?

During spike gpu clock drops from 1975mhz to 1275mhz, TDP drop and gpuz shows UTIL for one second.

I am on 368.69.

So its driver related, game or my card?

Gigabyte 1080 Xtreme, 6700K. Nothing overclocked. All process in background closed. Windows 10 Anniversary.