Hi I am in the process of setting up a RaspberryPi with nextcloud so I can start to save my personal photos, videos etc instead of "cloud" storage that belongs to other corporations. I do need a storage solution though but I have no idea where to start. I am guessing just a regular disk array without any special software running on top should do the trick because all I think I require at the moment is to mount it on my Raspberry Pi permanently to act as a data store. I also intend on taking regular backups of computers in my house and saving it to this device, but that can be easily managed via a backup solution using the Pi (rsync ?)

I am pretty comfortable with linux but have never experimented with storage formats like ZFS, hence I am inclined to stay away from that because this is the precious copy of my data which I do not want to risk losing.

Also in the future expansion of this setup I will probably buy a NUC with small local storage and connect it to this storage disk array such that the NUC can run maybe a plex server and read the movies off the disk array.

Any ideas, suggestions and improvements are welcome