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    Feb 2014

    Need help setting up Fedora 24 HTPC Server and fighting off Blat Attacks

    Hey guys,

    So I was running a Debian 8.x server for my media collection (emby). I could remote SSH in and access my media library via Emby from any web connection after logging in.

    Recently, my Debian install took a nose dive after an update. So I decided to switch to Fedora 24 server. I also found out from my ISP that the reason my network keeps dropping on me is that someone has been attempting to Brute-Force my SSH server as well as being hit by a Blat Attack (DoS attack) several times a day.

    As my server is setup now with SELinux (Permissive - for Sonarr and Nzbget), I can no longer remotely login to SSH nor to my Cockpit or Emby servers.

    I want to know what you guys recommend I setup my SSH with for security and remote access. I have of course changed the SSH port and disabled Root login. I have considered trying to do the 3 or 4 factor SSH authentication method but am unsure if I should just carry a thumb drive around with the keys on it or not.

    I also have Fail2ban installed and configured.

    Would someone like to walk me through setting up remote access and security for my server?

    The following Services and ports need remote access:

    Emby Server - Port 8096
    Cockpit Manager - Port 9090
    Sonarr Daemon - Port 8989
    Nzbget Daemon - Port 6789
    SSH - Port TBD
    NO-IP Client for DDNS

    The server is headless.

    Another potential service and port I am considering setting up is HTPC Manager - port 8085

    I appreciate the assistance. I really hope I can kill off this Blat Attack and Brute Force attack annoyance.
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