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    Flying w/ Mouse + Keyboard (ArmA 3)

    Hey guys,

    I have heard this mentioned countless times in the wild, but a few times within the PCPer collective as well (namely Jeremy's interest).. That being flying in game simulators, and being able to look around but also have full control of a Plane, Helicopter, Space Ship, etc.

    For many years I've had an obsession with flight sims, but ArmA 2 blew my mind. I ended up with a control scheme that might seem crazy, but from experience I can say without a doubt it really does work.

    Q/Z = Throttle Up / Throttle Down (or collective for Helis)
    W/S = Stick Forward/Back (Pitch)
    A/D = Stick Left/Right (Roll)
    Shift/Space = Pedal Left/Right (Yaw)

    Left hand = control vehicle.
    Right hand = control the gross human with ugly feet.

    So, a big thing for hardcore "milsim" ArmA players for years has been a system called "Track IR" (it's been mentioned on the podcast so I'm sure most are aware), and they all jizzed their pants when the Vive / Occulus were first coming around... but personally, I think both a flawwed in multiple ways. Vehicle related, you can do mouse+keyboard.. but being a dude with a gun and being able to move your head independant from your torso/main body, I haven't figured that part out yet ;P.. don't expect to either.

    Either way, if you are addicted to flying and have ArmA consider trying it out!

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    Re: Flying w/ Mouse + Keyboard (ArmA 3)

    Quote Originally Posted by Fourty7 View Post
    Right hand = control the gross human with ugly feet
    Hahaha this made me laugh because that was literally the first thing I saw. seems like a legit control scheme, definitely an optimization vs most standard KB flying layouts.

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