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    Jul 2016

    No Post Boot Loop After Windows Update On Gigabyte GA-Z170MX GAMING 5

    Ive now had this problem twice and Im about ready to buy a different brand of motherboard over it.

    The first time this happened was a little over a month ago, where, after running stably for weeks with good temps on both my gpu (EVGA 1070 FTW) and cpu (I5 6500) and presumably good ram (G.Skill Ripjaws V Series (2x8x2400)(tested for a couple hours when I first installed)) suddenly, upon reboot to install the windows anniversary update, my computer started to boot loop with no post, no output, nothing.

    I then proceeded to troubleshoot, eventually taking everything out of the computer except the cpu, cpu cooler and hdmi cable to one of my monitors, clearing the cmos, trying new ram positions/ram, different psu, trying different sequences of pressing the power and reset buttons all to no avail.

    Eventually, I gave up, and asked for an rma. This process took a month where Gigabyte gave next to no info and cost me 35 bucks in shipping.

    A few days ago, I got the replacement board, and it worked fine.. at first. When I first turned it on, It finished updating where it left off with "please wait while we install an update". I then used it for a few days, everything working well and temperatures fine. I then, remembered that I had yet to set my ram to its speed of 2400, and there was also another windows update. I set the ram speed to 2400, then restarted the computer.

    It rebooted, and on the first boot, it loaded up the same bios splash screen with "please wait while we install an update", which was expected since there was an update. Then, it continue to reboot again, saying the same thing. After the third time, it went to a boot loop state just like before with no post, no beep (I had since bought a 10 pack of mother board speakers), no output. I tried all the previous trouble shooting methods, and well, clearly, they didnt work.

    The thing both these incidents have in common, is that both were on the restart of a system update (windows 10 64 bit home)

    Im at a loss at what to do, and really dont want to lose my computer for another full month due to Gigabytes slow response time. Nor do I want to shell out another 35 bucks for this 200 dollar (cad) board.


    After windows 10 update, on reboot, with the phrase "please wait while we install an update" on the bios splash screen, my computer (with a Gigabyte GA Z170MX GAMING 5 Motherboard 15 6500, 550 watt evga g2 power supply and 1070 ftw) started to boot loop with no post, out put, beep for the second time, on a replacement board in the same fashion to the first time it happened.

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    Feb 2004
    Janesville, Wi

    Re: No Post Boot Loop After Windows Update On Gigabyte GA-Z170MX GAMING 5

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    Jul 2016

    Re: No Post Boot Loop After Windows Update On Gigabyte GA-Z170MX GAMING 5

    Quote Originally Posted by mmettin View Post
    With no storage attached my motherboard still doesnt post. This cant help me right now.

    Here is a video of an action similar to what Im experiencing

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