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    Jun 2012

    Win 10 second HDD crawls to near stop

    I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this problem:

    About a week ago I noticed that my email client (Thunderbird) started taking forever to open - I'm talking 5-10 minutes in some instances. I would give up on it opening, move onto something else and then minutes later, several instances of it would open (because I would try to open it several times). I started troubleshooting it yesterday, at first thinking it was an issue with Thunderbird, but now I think it's Win 10.

    My computer has an SSD boot drive, with an HDD (D: drive) for data storage and for programs I don't believe require SSD speeds (like Thunderbird). So after waiting several minutes for Thunderbird to open, I noticed even milling around in the settings was taking forever.

    I then tried my Documents folder (on the D: drive) and was hit again with long delays - Not Responding would show up and then the green bar would inch its way across the address bar indicating it was trying to read the contents of the folder.

    Next I tried copying a very small file (<100 KB) from a USB drive to the Documents folder, a file this small would typically opy instantaneously. In this case, the copying window actually opened and I watched it slowly copy: 0%, 33%, 66%, 78%, 100%.

    Finally, I noticed that if I restarted the computer and tried to access Thunderbird or the folders once the computer loaded, it was back to being responsive. I then determined that the longer the computer was idle, the worse the delays became in reading the D: drive.

    I can only surmise this was an Win 10 update gone awry. Has anyone else experienced this? Were you able to resolve it?

    Any help/suggestions would be appreciated.

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    Apr 2012
    montreal, canada

    Re: Win 10 second HDD crawls to near stop

    My main storage drive (2tb seagate spinning rust) d: was buggy as on win 10. Read was very slow, write was non-existant be it steam or chrome or torrents there would be random write errors then fail. THEN my installation failed, (windows is trying to repair...... windows can not repair, please contact microsoft) 3 separate times!!!! Very frustrating because my entire steam collection was on that d: along with over almost a tb of torrent

    As of now my (main) rig is operating on a samsung 840-128g as C: and a lowly XLRE-256g as my gaming D: drive. with my 2 spinning rust drives sitting in the case unconnected to power or board. It's fast but alot less space than I'm usta so I gota be careful and delete shit quick. As of october 25th windows hasn't failed YET and everything is working well FOR NOW but I'm just waiting for it to fail, I'm sure I'm just one update away from cayos.

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    Nov 2005

    Re: Win 10 second HDD crawls to near stop

    Haven't had that problem on Windows 10, have noticed that if the IRST software installed, besides the driver, the last few harddrives in my system slow down.

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