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    Nov 2016

    Display or GFX card issue?

    I recently bought a new display (ASUS PB276) and gfx card (ASUS GeForce GTX 1070 OC DUAL-FAN 1582/1771 MHz 8GB GDDR5).

    Periodically I get a pop an the monitor goes blank and comes right back on. I'm using the monitor speakers and thats where the pop noise is coming from when this happens. The monitor is connected through display port. I have another monitor that is connected through hdmi it stays running when this happens. this happens once maybe twice in a day, sometimes it doesn't happen at all. Its so infrequent that I'm not comfortable trying to return the monitor.

    Looking for any troubleshooting suggestions.


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    Aug 2000

    Re: Display or GFX card issue?

    My money says monitor. The usual test is to swap out either gfx or monitor and see if you still have the problem. Is this possible?

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    Mar 2003
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    Re: Display or GFX card issue?

    I'm with Meridian. I'd try troubleshooting by switching displays around, maybe trying another DP cable if you have it. Does the monitor hooked up to HDMI have a DP input? If so plug that one into the DP. You could also try making that monitor primary and seeing if it still occurs on the other monitor, or if you unplug the second monitor if it still occurs on the first. Thing is, the "pop" does make it sound like the monitor if only because that sounds to me like theres some kind of power fluctuation going on in the monitor that would be unlikely to come from the GPU (though it doesn't rule it out)

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