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    Oct 2016

    Question Skylake with DDR3?

    So I got a free ASUS Z170-P D3 motherboard for some work I did. The funny thing about it is it's the 1151 socket, but supports plain old DDR3.

    I've heard DDR3 being higher voltage can possibly damage your processor in the long run. And does Skylake even officially support plain DDR3? I know it plays nice with the lower voltage DDR3L, but I didn't even know they made boards with regular DDR3. I'm not sure if I can use DDR3L with this board.

    Is anyone running a i5 6600K (what I would throw in it) with DDR3? Should I consider undervolting the RAM? Should I scrap this board and start fresh? All I'm going to do with it is gaming(badly). I'm tempted to use it because I'm sure I have some sticks of DDR3 laying around, and enough spare parts to but something together for just the cost of the i5. Probably not worth upgrading though if I need a new mb, RAM also.
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