I am tired of the shenanigans of GMAIL locking me out of my account which seems like a ploy to 'link' my cellphone to it.

I ONLY sign in from my PC in the same way for years, but without fail, it seems like every week I get the following: 'There is something odd about he way you're signing in' 'Link your Samsung....' Then they won't let me access my email unless I jump through their overly-intrusive hoops. So I just close it, forget about it, and a day or two later I can sign in the same way I always do.

When ever I buy a new Android device I am told I need a gmail account so I give them the acct I've had for 10 years. When I get locked out of Gmail, sometimes I will check my mail on on my phone and they let me in no problem. They obviously know this email acct has something to do with this phone so why they want me so badly to 'link' the two seems strange, and is the reason I refuse to do it. Maybe I'm just being paranoid, but I'm tired of all the 'smart' stuff getting all up in my business.

I've searched online and find what looks to be paid advertisements for one or another email service or forum threads from years ago. Can anyone recommend a free alternative to this Big Brother darling?