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    Dec 2016

    Router not working properly.


    I am having an issue with my wireless router. When I try to access the internet at the far end of the apartment, The router cuts off. I have to reconnect the router to start working again. Can someone tell me what may be casuing this? I used to get internet in this spot before.
    The network is cable internet with 30Mbps plan.
    I have connected the router to the cable modem provided by the ISP. Would it be the problem of the modem or router?
    Modem is Huawei and the router is Linksys

    plase share your thoughts on this.

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    Oct 2001

    Re: Router not working properly.

    I'll take a stab at this and see if you make any progress.
    From my experience, I see lots of router issues going from their 2nd year on just because of age. But try some of these out and see if any of them help you.
    Update the router firmware. As newer devices update their software, routers are often left out of this process.
    Limit the wifi to it's highest speed such as G and turn of the older versions.
    Android phones hooked into router have been known to cause some issues, get the androids off temporarily and check.
    If your antennas can be rearranged, try that. Check the signal strength to see if you can improve it. Since we can't visually see the antenna signal propagation patterns, a little tweak can do the trick.

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    Dec 2016

    Re: Router not working properly.

    maybe, the range of wifi connectivity would be low

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    Dec 2017

    Re: Router not working properly.

    you should perform a factory reset on your router

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