My Nvidia Shield Pro has been working flawlessly since I bought it launch day. Problem is now it refuses outright to see smb shares NFC shares even my WD cloud drive is barely functional.

Here's the setup so everyone can see the layout I have.
HTPC hosts the files specs of said htpc.

1.Intel Dx79TO motherboard i7 3820 4.2ghz
3.16 GB 1866mhz Mushkin Black line Ram
4.EVGA 950ti 4 GB VRAM 850 pro 128gb SSD boot
6.4 Seagate 8Tb HDD raid 5
7.Windows Server 2008 R2

I setup NFS since the shield within Kodi refuses to see any shares from smb network.
It's connected to network via 5Ghz band with Excellent signal strength.

Reason I'm looking at Alternative I don't want this to become a issue again so I'm looking at Intel nuc with full windows as I installed kodi on main rig.

It saw smb and NFS shares instantly so I'm figuring it's time to take sledge hammer and lighter fluid to this peice of .... IV had other issues with it but found work around this one is last straw.

Looking into the skull cannon nuc but that's at least $1000+ that seems like small price to pay for something that won't develop same tardness that's struck my shield.