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    Dec 2016

    Build Advice for photoshop .psb large format

    Hello guys,

    I'm working with large images in photoshop in .psb format: 160.000 pixels X 300.000 pixels. When saved on Hard Disk the file size is 4.7 GB, but while working on photoshop it says 110/120 GB.

    Problem 1) With my current laptop it takes more than 20 hours to save it. (I saved it with compression thou)

    Problem 2) The image also contains a lot of layers, and when I start to work on the file, like adding objects and moving layers (please consider I'm not using filters, i'm simply creating a kind of mosaic), at the begininng Photoshop responds fast. But more things I do, more time it takes to esecute the command. After 20/30 minutes it becomes very slow, taking up to 2/3 minutes to move a layer or to add a new object... And the time keep increasing up to 5 minutes... (I tried also to remove "undo actions" but improvement is marginal)

    Problem 3) I stopped to work on it as was strenuos and as I decided I need a new desktop for this project. But when I will resume my work, i estimateed the images size may increase over 10 Gb.

    This is my current Laptop: DELL INSPIRION 15-3521 (Pentium 2127U 1.9 GHz / RAM 4GB / HD 500GB / Win 8.1 64 bit)

    So this is the new desktop configuration i would like to check with you:

    CPU: i7-6850K 3,6 GHz
    MB: Asus X99 STRIX
    RAM: G.Skill Ripjaws DDR4 64GB (4x16GB) 3.000
    GPU: Sapphire AMD RX 480 8GB
    Cooler: Noctua NH-D15S
    STORAGE: Samsung 960 EVO NVMe SSD 500 GB
    STORAGE: WD Black 3.5 7.200RMP 2TB
    Case: Zalman Z11 NEO
    PSU: Corsair Vengeance 650W

    Total Budget 2.200 euro

    Do you see any incompatiility among components?

    My goal is to reduce drastically the saving time and being able to work on the image without minutes idle time beetween commands.

    Do you think will it be enough to work on my project?
    Do you have any suggestions to change some of the components?

    Thanks a lot,
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    Jun 2012

    Re: Build Advice for photoshop .psb large format

    Hi, Keldrilh80!

    Welcome to the forums. I just saw your post and did a quick analysis of your build. I don't see any glaring compatibility concerns. I have some suggestions, but they're going to add to the bottom line:

    • the board and CPU support 128GB of RAM and since you're saying the files are ~110GB while you're working, bumping up the RAM would definitely help
    • The 960 EVO is a good idea, I would say bigger is better, especially if you can't increase the RAM since the computer will then lean on the your boot drive to provide the needed space
    • Let me start by saying I haven't worked in photoshop so I don't know if this will help, but you should research whether a Pro version GPU would be better. nVidia has the Quadro line; AMD used to have FirePro but I don't know if they're changing it with Ryzen (Zen) or if they have released anything recently. They are significantly more expensive, but they're geared for professional style work, which is what it sounds like you're doing

    Hope this helps.

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    Aug 2017

    Re: Build Advice for photoshop .psb large format

    Hi Keldrilh80,

    I see this post is very old in internet terms, but I thought I throw in my 2 cents since this might help other people and I am also still trying to figure it all out. Especially now with the lanes limitations on lower end 2066 slot CPU's.

    I am in the same boat, looking for a rig to deal with large Photoshop files and Lightroom. i.e. I have to run Lghtroom on max 4 of my 6 cores for it not to slow down as fast. Still, after an hour or two of working, mainly selecting and rating images, Lightroom starts to slow down the entire machine. Not even mentioning memory leaks Adobe is not even willing to admit... I wish Adobe would actually do something about the impotence of their current line-up. But as it seems, they're more interested in selling cheap mobile apps. Off course none can blame them. 20 million mobile apps create way more dough than a few thousand pro's that pay for the full collection on real machines...

    That said, here's my findings:
    - Go for a motherboard where you can go as high as possible with RAM. So, X270 is out of the picture in 2017.
    - Go for high Mhz and not amount of cores. Photoshop is very badly programmed when it comes to multi threading.
    - Go for as many SSD's, preferably M.2, as you can. M.2 RAID is actually helping, or simply SSD RAID 0 for OS and Apps and maybe even a second set for scratch only if you really deal with that large images.
    - The expensive video cards mentioned by btdog actually don't make up for the difference in price... Adobe apps depend on OpenCL and as far as I understand there's not a huge benefit by getting Quardo or FireGL cards. (But this is kinda a black hole for me still, so I might be completely wrong). But one thing I know, Quadro cards are waaaaay over priced and Titans are in bed with them on that matter.

    As a general rule, work smart. Use smart objects where ever you can. But that increases the file size for saving and loading and disc space. In that case you can go a step further and import some layers you don't need to work on as references not real layers, and not smart objects. Referencing only loads a composed version of your layers. The import menu command can be found under File -> Place Linked.

    Hope this helps someone or someone can shed some light into this as well. And certainly I hope you found a rig that can deal with your exceptional demands

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