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Thread: Undo Raid 0

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    Dec 2016

    Question Undo Raid 0

    hey guys

    i am currently running Raid 0 with 2 950Pro's (windows + programms + games)
    i also have a few HDD's for mass storage
    i want to undo the raid and put windows on one SSD and all the programms and games on the other SSD

    is there a way to easily do this or would it be more easy to just do a fresh clean install?

    THX and ask whatever you need to know


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    Jun 2012

    Re: Undo Raid 0

    Gurkenkoenig -

    I don't know what happened...I had answered this several days ago but I must not has submitted.

    Anyways! To put windows on one of the 950s, you'll need to reduce the data to less than the size of a single 950 (you don't mention the size, but I'll guess 250GB). So the data will have to be less than 250GB.

    Next, you'll need to backup the RAID to one of your HDDs - you should be able to use Windows built-in program, otherwise use a backup program (I've never used it, but Macrium is free).

    Then restore the backup to one of the SSDs.

    After writing this (a second time), the clean install will probably be the fastest and safest method.

    Hope this helps and let us know what you do.

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