OK, so it's over 7 years old (SkaarjMasterDuo computer in sig) and has glitched a little over the past 2-3 years, but what it did tonight was bizarre:

1. Locked up when I was switching screen in Google Chrome
2. Rebooted and extra "......" appeared all over screen and bootup stuff was a little messes up, then windows eventually gave BSOD (rebooted and another BSOD), so
3. Rebooted and same thing (now I was nervous) but then it gave pixelated glitches with a "Minecraft-like" appearance (so I figured maybe only the video card), so
4. I opened it up and cleaned all dust inside with canned-air, then
5. Rebooted and same thing, so
6. I decided to try and copy data to my laptop, but it wouldn't recognize the old computer with pixelated screen on.

At this point, I figured it might be toast, so I rebooted one more time and it actually booted into Windows no problem. I transfered some important data to laptop, disk imaged a few partitions and now I have to go to bed. Anyone know what the problem might be? Thank you.