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    Jan 2017

    Anyone else have Skylake/Kabylake "Slow/Laggy" Issues?

    Hello all, LOOOONG time listener of PCPer, first time posting Ive been having some odd issues that I can only "feel" like it's only narrowed down to Skylake and Kabylake.

    I had a desktop with an i5-4590(haswell), GTX970, and 16gb Ram, no issues what so ever chewed through just about anything I threw at it.

    At work I am basically the quasi IT guy, and I build all sorts of computers for us, desktops, servers, even a mobile PC for a truck. I recently got inured at work chopping off the first digit of my right ring finger. Seeing as how I am actually left handed I "game" with the mouse on my left hand and my right hand uses the arrow keys and num keys to move around, this was a lot more difficult than you would think with a bum hand.

    Long story short I sold my gaming desktop and got a Laptop with the newest Kabylake I5-7200u, and I immediately upgraded it to a 500gb SSD, and did a fresh install of Windows 10 (would have just used Win8 but Intel hasn't made drivers for the HD630 graphics yet) After a day or 2 I noticed browsers and general use of windows started to become laggy and almost unusable. I reinstalled Windows and sure enough 2 days later the same thing.

    I returned the laptop, and ended up getting a desktop yet again seeing as how my finger was healing way better than expected. This time with a 6th gen i3-6300 (so I can freaking install Windows 8! and that I can upgrade in the future)
    Same thing installed an SSD, GTX1050, and 16gb Ram. THIS time I have tired it on both Win8 and 10, and after a few days everything becomes laggy and not as responsive. And I have even tried Linux with it being kind of laggy at the beginning.

    I have 6 PCs at work that have Haswell i3s and i5s, all of them do not have this problem, I even went as far to take the 500gb SSD to work and try it on a desktop there to see if maybe it was bad or had some kind of firmware virus, but no it chugs along just fine.

    Updates off
    No odd software
    No Anti Virus
    No Ransomeware

    Am I imagining things? Is there something I have over looked? I install Windows at least 4 to 5 times a month, and build PCs for work a lot, and I have never had this issue.

    Thanks for any input someone can provide or maybe spark my memory as to something I might be missing!
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    Jun 2012

    Re: Anyone else have Skylake/Kabylake "Slow/Laggy" Issues?

    Welcome to the forums, radiation8!

    Based on your comment about inserting a 500GB SSD, I'm guessing the original laptops had HDDs. Did you make sure the BIOS setting is AHCI (or NVME if it's M.2)?

    I don't know about NVME, but if the options in BIOS are IDE or AHCI and you have to change from IDE to AHCI, you may have to adjust the registry.

    Bottom line: I would research your OS and drive settings.

    Hope this helps.

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    Jan 2017

    Re: Anyone else have Skylake/Kabylake "Slow/Laggy" Issues?

    Thanks for the reply, and yes all was set to AHCI, the laptop probably supported NVME but I know my new (last gen) desktop does not, as their is no m.2 slot or an option for it in BIOS.

    An update: this now seems to be related to Windows Update, what's happening is if I disable updates from the first boot, this issue does not occur, what I was doing is letting all current updates install, then disabling it.

    It seems as if the update is caused by something to do with Skylake/Kabylake to make things slow to a crawl. As I said before this does not happen on and Sandybridge or Haswell processors.

    Ahhh hell, maybe I need to install Linux at home and make a co-worker hide all my Windows CDs and USB Drives for 30 days....

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