Hello everyone. I am looking at getting a new curved ultrawide monitor between 30 and 35 inches. I am preferring the 1440p over the 4k and have been looking at the Acer Predator X34C as well as the Asus ROG PG348Q. These are two IPS panels that are native 60Hz that can be, supposedly, overclocked to 100Hz, but quite a number of reviewers seem to have issues doing the overclocking. There is also the issue of lightbleed that a number of people report, but some people say it's just IPS glow and to be honest, I'm not really sure of the difference or if the difference matters and both are just as annoying.

Now I have been looking at the Samsung CF791, but that's Freesync and not G-Sync and I do have a GTX 1080, thought I'm not so sure I personally see too much of a difference with higher refresh monitors, especially with the games I do play. My only issue with it is the fact it's a VA panel (which I don't mind as I hear good things about it) and only 100Hz when I see VA panels getting higher, yet the cost is not far off what what the X34c and PG348Q is these days.

Now I hear Acer showed off a 30 inch VA panel monitor at CES, the Z301CT, but that's it's only 2560x1080, not a 1440 one.

Does anyone have any advice of if there is any difference in these monitor or know of a good 1440p VA monitor that runs at either 100Hz or 144Hz?