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    Jan 2007

    games with 16gb system requirements...fact? or fiction?

    i've noticed that there is a growing list of games that are BOLD enough to state system requirements that break the 8gb system memory barrier.

    According to the developers, It appears that

    Gears of war 4
    Gears of war ultimate edition
    Titanfall 2
    Star wars battlefront
    Dying light
    Battlefield 1
    Deus ex mankind divided
    Quantum break
    Dishonored 2
    Fallout 4 w/high rez pack
    Mirrors edge catalyst
    Forza motorsport 6 apex
    Halo 5: forge

    all require 12-16gb of system memory to perform at the ideal.

    Putting this into perspective with build budgets and system configs, it'd be interesting to know if one actually needs 16gb, and if so, how much of a difference it makes. I tried to find information that could confirm these requirements, but results are spotty and certainly nothing from the same source.

    I realize that in recent times with the cost of memory, most progressives/enthusiasts just suggest or incorporate 16gb as a precautionary measure. But, curiosity is knocking, and sometimes it's nice to have numbers to back things up. I mean, people seem to compare 4gb/8gb or 3gb/6gb variants of graphics cards all the time,'d just be interesting to see how system memory affects performance in games that actually say they requirement. Is 16gb the new 8gb yet?

    Unless someone can point me to a source out there that discusses this already, I'd suggest it as a potential article topic.

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    Jun 2012

    Re: games with 16gb system requirements...fact? or fiction?

    Your post really piqued my interest.

    I have two laptops, one with 32GBs, the other with 16GBs. While there may be differences in which background apps are running, the 32GBs laptop sits at around 5GBs of RAM usage when using a web browser, the 16GB is using just under 3GB under similar circumstances. I believe much of the difference is Win10 seeing the available RAM and deciding it can use more since more is available.

    But that doesn't explain why companies would recommend twice the amount of RAM. I believe this PC World article hits on some of the reasons, including more (and larger) audio and video information within the game. Better fidelity and higher resolutions need more data, hence more RAM is needed.

    But I also believe it's much ado about nothing. Based on some limited searching, it looks like this topic was big about 4 years ago (~2013) but I did find an article that was updated about a year ago that compared game performance between 8GB and 16GB. The games were "older" (2-3 years) but they showed little change in the results. So while someone could argue that it does help, the benefit is minimal.

    I agree, an article focusing on this issue would be nice.

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    Jun 2001
    Indpls. IN.

    Re: games with 16gb system requirements...fact? or fiction?

    well I ran into a issue , I bought mass effect andromada just yesterday . My system has 2x4gb of ram and I am getting memory warning issues . So I open proformance monitor and sure enough I am maxing out the ram . Iam about to drive to new egg warehouse to pick up a 16gb kit. So IMO nowadays , 16gb is the new min spec

    edit :
    Just got the new ram installed , launched mass effect adromada .. night and day difference between 8 VS 16 GB . It is now buttery smooth
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