i've noticed that there is a growing list of games that are BOLD enough to state system requirements that break the 8gb system memory barrier.

According to the developers, It appears that

Gears of war 4
Gears of war ultimate edition
Titanfall 2
Star wars battlefront
Dying light
Battlefield 1
Deus ex mankind divided
Quantum break
Dishonored 2
Fallout 4 w/high rez pack
Mirrors edge catalyst
Forza motorsport 6 apex
Halo 5: forge

all require 12-16gb of system memory to perform at the ideal.

Putting this into perspective with build budgets and system configs, it'd be interesting to know if one actually needs 16gb, and if so, how much of a difference it makes. I tried to find information that could confirm these requirements, but results are spotty and certainly nothing from the same source.

I realize that in recent times with the cost of memory, most progressives/enthusiasts just suggest or incorporate 16gb as a precautionary measure. But, curiosity is knocking, and sometimes it's nice to have numbers to back things up. I mean, people seem to compare 4gb/8gb or 3gb/6gb variants of graphics cards all the time, so...it'd just be interesting to see how system memory affects performance in games that actually say they requirement. Is 16gb the new 8gb yet?

Unless someone can point me to a source out there that discusses this already, I'd suggest it as a potential article topic.